Mountain Hiking & Gathering Event

  • Location: Platres, Cyprus
  • Entrance: Free
  • Starting Place: Forest Park Hotel View Map
  • Starting Time: 10:30 AM

Join us on a sunset afternoon at the beautiful village of Platres for some groovy mountain backsets.

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  • Описание

    Entrance: Free
    Location: Platres
    Date: 17/11/2019
    Venue: Forest Park Hotel
    Music: Sunset Backsets
    Food: From hotel (finger food will be available)
    Drinks: Bar & Co.

    *Any donations are welcome and all earnings will be donated for planting trees in the area*

    Trail Details:

    Altitude of the starting point: 1,178m
    Altitude of the highest peak: 1,718m
    Altitude of the end peak: 1,178m
    Starting point: Forest Park Hotel View Map
    Length: 9km
    Estimated duration: 3 - 4 hours


    A pair of walking boots will serve you better than sport shoes even though the terrain is not very rough.
    There is no drinking water so prepare accordingly.

    Points of interest:

    The path passes through dense clusters of Calabrian pine trees, whilst on the third kilometre at the points with a higher altitude it passes through an impressive and dense black pine forest. At points along the trail you will experience panoramic views.

    The path is located within the National Forest Park of Troodos.


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