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    - West of Herakleion, in a small valley, lies the village of Zaros with its famous lake which is created by waters that run from the springs of Votomos. Around the lake there is a recreational area with tables and benches, an information board and signs everywhere. You must not miss having a coffee or even a meal on the pier which the municipality has built on the shore of the lake under the deep shade of the plane trees. The local specialty is salmon and trout grilled over an open fire. If you like walking, from here you can relatively easily get to the forest of Rouvas through a well marked path by first passing the church of Saint Nicholas.

     -Phaistos Palace:Phaistos transliterated as Phaestos, Festos and Latin Phaestus, currently refers to a Bronze Age archaeological site at modern Phaistos, a municipality in south central Crete. Ancient Phaistos was located about 5.6 km (3.5 mi) east of the Mediterranean Sea and 62 km south of Heraklio, the second largest city of Minoan Crete.The name, Phaistos, survives from ancient Greek references to a city in Crete of that name, shown to be, in fact, at or near the current ruins.

    - Matala is a village located 75 km south-west of Heraklion. Matala is part of the community of Pitsidia within the municipal unit of Festos, Heraklion regional unit. The artificial caves in the cliff of the Matala bay were created in the Neolithic Age. Matala was the port of Phaistos during the Minoan period. In the year 220 BC., Matala was occupied by the Gortynians, and during the Roman period, Matala became the port of Gortys. In the 1st and 2nd centuries, the caves were used as tombs. One of the caves is called "Brutospeliana" because according to the legend it was frequented by the Roman general Brutus.Matala was then a fishing village. In the 1960s, the caves were occupied by hippies who were later driven out by the church and the military junta. Now Matala is a small village living mainly from tourism. Canadian folk singer Joni Mitchell's experiences with the Matala hippies were immortalised in her 1971 song "Carey".

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