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    In this tour we will live the contradictional beauty of modern and traditional!

    A Unique tour in the wine villages of Limassol , also known as 'Krasochoria’ -‘wine villages’.

    Their soil is ideal for several vine varieties. There are located on sea-made rocks called sedimentary rocks mainly of marls and chalks. No wonder locals can find fossils while cultivating their vineyards.

    Our first stop is in the beautiful village of Omodos, one of the largest wine producing villages!

    ...A meeting point for Dionysianthiasus, the followers of the Greek God of the grape harvest and winemaking, who were taught the art of wine-making!

    At an altitude reaching 800 and 1060 metres , the vineyards of “Oenou Yi”, cultivates around 1,000 hectares of private land, sealing the wine heritage of Omodos.

    The grapes are of excellent quality, with harmonious aromas and rich flavours, dating back from antiquity.

    Within the course of time and the long wine tradition, is an irrepressible witness of stubbornness of vines that yield for good harvest in more ‘uneasy’ places. In white limestone, rocky soils of medium consistency, the old and newly planted vineyards spread their roots in search of the much-needed moisture.]

    Our next stop is in a winery that knows traditions!

    Visitors will be guided through a family winery and get introduced to the principles of organic cultivation of the vine and the “secrets” of wine. Visitors are also offered wine tasting sessions and snacks while enjoying spectacular views of the valley and the vineyards.

    Koilani village.

    We continue are journey at Vlassides Winery in the village of Koilani.

    Here we will taste wines that reflect the distinctive characteristics of the specific microclimate – the terroir – and the varieties from which they come from.

    The perfect weather of this village - plenty of sunshine during the summer season and mild winters without extreme low temoaratures- The microclimate that helps to mature the grapes perfectly, as far as their organoleptic charactiristics are concerned.

    At Vlasssides vineyards one can find today the red varieties of Shiraz, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Aghiorghitiko, Maratheftiko, and Giannoudi, and the white varieties of Xynisteri, Sauvignon Blanc, and Promara.

    Last stop at Vouni village- A memmorable gastronomic experience is waiting for us!.

    Vouni village. The name ‘Vouni’ implies is built on a low mountain. It has been a vine village since ancient times with significant contribution to the wine production industry. The beauty of the scenic narrow streets, the stone build churches and the traditional taverns compose the scenery of this conservative beauty. A local tavern of uncompromised traditional authenticity invites us for a memorable gastronomic experience!

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    Tour Escort
    Lunch with 1 Drink
    Vehicle Transport
    Culinary demonstrations
    Wineries / museums entrance fees
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