Limassol Dive Wreck Experience Diving

Limassol Cyprus
  • Description

    The two vessels were sunk in 2014 as artificial reefs for divers’ pleasure and sightseeing.
    The 28m and 25m long boats lie at 19 meters and 24 meters depths. They have plenty of openings and exit holes. You can swim through the engine room and up to the bridges. Large shoals of bream and cuttlefish can be seen.
    The two wrecks are 200 meters apart.
    The Wrecks are 1. Lady Thetis 2. Costandis

    1. Lady Thetis previously named “Reiher”. She was a coastal passenger vessel built in Hamburg, Germany in 1953 and registered in the Register of Cyprus Ships in 1990.
    Depth: 18 meters
    Length: 30 meters
    Breadth: 8 meters

    2. Costandis a fishing vessel that operated as a bottom trawler, built in USSR in 1989. Its Russian name was “Zolotets” . It was registered at the Register of Cyprus Ships in 1997 and operated in international waters in the Eastern part of the Mediterranean Sea for a short period of time. The open engine room is very easy to penetrate
    Depth: 23 meters
    Length: 23 meters
    Breadth: 6.8 meters

  • Weather
    Subject to weather conditions
  • Included
    Two dives - one in each shipwreck.
  • Requirements
    CERTIFIED Advanced scuba divers only.

    Bring your swimsuit and towel. All other equipment will be provided.
  • Cancellation Policy
    Cancel 24 hours before the activity for full refund. Cancellations made in less than 24 hours before booking are not refundable.