Dive in the Elephant Cave Water Sports

Rethymno Greece
  • Description

    Stunning combinations of white and red stalagmites and stalactites cast a spell to every diver been there. It was a unique discovery, as the laboratory and the scientific announcements that followed, have proved. The elephant of the cave had characteristics that have not been found anywhere else. And so scientist gave it the name “Elephas Chaniensis”.

    After detailed search, all of the bones that were not stuck to the caver’s floor were taken to department of Historic Geology and Paleontology of the University of Athens. As it was proven the fossils bones belonged to elephants and deer. Taking under consideration the data collected, the age of the Cretan Elephant estimate somewhere between 50.000 and 60.000 years old.


    The caverns entrance is 3,5 to 10 metres deep and is about 9 metres wide. Dark and mysterious, it is only a few metres away from the – vertical at this point- seashore.


    Emerges from the water, 40 metres away from the caver’s entrance. It’s highest point is 13 metres above the surface.


    The upper layer consists mostly of dwarf deer and micro mammals. In the underlying layers we find Elephas Chaniensis and normal deer bones. Two molars attached to the cave floor, 3m below water surface


    Its entire surface is covered by water. The depth ranges from a few centimetres to 4m.


    The main cave chamber is 120m long and its average width is 25m. The caves overall length is 160m long.

    The experience includes 2 dives

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    Course prices include basic equipment.
    Free pick up from your hotel(near Rethymno only)
  • Requirements
    Minimum age 10 years old
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