Boat for up to 7 to Skorpios & Meganisi Boat Hire

Lefkada Greece
  • Description

    Welcome to the majestic Ionian Sea!
    We will help you explore the infamous Skorpios and the traditional Meganisi islands!

    After 30 years in mechanical engineering for outboard engines and equally longterm partnerships with companies such as SUZUKI, TOHATSU, MERCURY, etc, our family created this rental boats business with one purpose in mind' to facilitate families' needs and serving them with high quality standards.
    Our spot on the beach is just 10 minutes away from Skorpios and Meganisi island, thus minimizing the time you have to spend travelling. Your day on the boat should be all about cruising, not commuting.

    Most of our customers do not own a boat license, nor do they have prior experience on board. Therefore, we are used to training new "captains" and making sure that they know how to handle the boat before their departure.

    And in case you feel afraid, or stressed during your day on board, a trained member of our team is one phonecall away from coming to you.

    What to bring with you:In order to fill in the necessary paperwork, we would need a passport or ID (only ONE document for each boat). NODRIVING LICENSE is required.

    Time schedule:
    we start at 9:00. Of course, we understand that you are on vacation, and sleep is

    a major part of it! So, if you have made a reservation with us, you can come in

    whenever you are ready. The boat will be yours until 19:00.

    Geographical limits: our boats can travel only within a

    certain distance from our spot. Specifically, you can travel to Skorpios and

    Meganisi island, even to Papanicolis cave. However, you are not allowed to go

    to the west side of Lefkada, so famous beaches of Egremnoi, Porto Katsiki,

    Agios Nikitas, etc are not accessible with this boat. Our goal is to offer the same high quality standards to every customer and

    every family we accommodate. We keep our boats in excellent condition and we

    ask our clients to return them in the same way.


    only 1 out of 20 damages happens due to bad luck/timing. The rest are results

    of overconfidence and negligence. So, if you follow our advice, both your

    family and your boat will be safe:

    1. The engine starts only WITHIN water.

    2. Always keep safe distance from the shore, unless it is a port.

    3. Always use your anchor.

    4. Watch out for the swimmers. By following these rules, trust us, you will have no problem.

    Damage policy: By signing a legal binding agreement, Client agrees

    that he/she is responsible for the boat, and any damages/loss of equipment or

    of the boat that may occur during the rental time. Before departure, Client is

    asked to examine the boat in order to check if there is any damage, in order

    for both parties to be one the same page. Also, on the agreement signed each

    damage and part of equipment will be catalogued and priced.

    Fuel:before your departure, the boat will be given

    to you with a full fuel tank and a full reserve. When you return, we will

    measure the fuel consumption and bill you accordingly.

  • Weather
    Your booking is subjected to weather conditions. If the weather forecast predicts excessive winds, then we will either postpone the booking or cancel it. Usually, we know this the day before, so the client will be notified accordingly.
  • Facilities
    Free Parking upon request, outdoor shower facility.
  • Requirements
    At least one adult with an ID or passport is required per boat.
  • Cancellation Policy
    If you cancel 24 hours before your booking starting time (before 9:00 of the day before your booking), we can refund you 100%.