There is So Much to Explore in Cyprus that Rainy Days Can’t Spoil Your Plans

When a tourist thinks of Cyprus, the first things that pop up in mind are clear blue skies overarching the calm waters, the trees swaying with the wind and the brightly shining sun. That’s an accurate enough picture of the Caribbean island. However, you may happen to plan a trip to Cyprus when it experiences rain. So, what happens to all theactivities in Cyprus you had planned? Do you now need to sit by your hotel window for the entire trip? Not really. Cyprus is much more than its beaches, and there is so much more to explore here even when it’s raining.

Go Back in Time

When it rains, you can take a trip through the local time machine – The Steni Museum of Village Life. Experience the hard life of the Cypriots in the older times. This little jewel tucked away in the mountains puts on exhibits primarily from the Steni village. The museum works on donation, and the entry is free. So, when it’s pouring, and you don’t knowwhat to do in Cyprus, go to this museum and enjoy some rich Cypriot history.

Appreciate the Art

Most of the people here are not aware of the fledgeling art scene in Cyprus. You can go to the Gloria Gallery established in 1977. It is the oldest venue for exhibiting contemporary arts on the island. Exhibitions run throughout the year and artists from around the globe showcase their works here. Nicosia Municipal Art Center is another gem of Cyprus. Since it opened its gates in 1994, the museum has exhibited works from some of the most celebrated artists in history like Picasso and Vincent Van Gogh. There is the Alpha C.K. Gallery exhibits, the most popular of the Cypriot and Greek cultures. The rainy days offer a sombre setup for reminiscing the old ways of life and celebrating the artists of the times gone by.

Taste The Finer Things

Wineries are another common sight in Cyprus. The fact that the Greek poet Hesiod and Italian writers like Tomasso Porcocchi have mentioned Cyprus wines as early as 1576 says a lot about these wines. They are not just old, but worth a mention in European history. So, when it’s not exactly sunny outside, you can go wine tasting in one of the many wineries on the island. You can visit the Vouni Panaiya Winery, Tsangarides Winery, Fikardos Winery, Kolios Winery, and more.

Rekindle Your Spirit

There are some lovely monasteries on the island. The Chrysorrogiatissa Monastery and Ayios Neophytos Monastery are a great place to start your spiritual journey. These are peaceful and beautiful places that will help you reconnect with your spiritual self.

By the way, once your mind and soul are relaxed, you can go back and relax your body at one of the many spas that the island has to offer.

As you may have realised by now, rain or not, Cyprus is a great place, and there are manythings to do in Cyprusindoors and outdoors. So, plan your trip at any time of the year, you will have plenty ofactivities in Cyprus lined up for you.