Before going Skiing and Snowboarding in Cyprus!

Cyprus is a versatile island. There are so many activities to do in Cyprus. You can ski the same day as you go swimming on the beach. There are not many places on the planet that can offer you this luxury. The Troodos Mountains offer a whole list of things to do in Cyprus. It is a serene refuge in the middle of the summers and becomes an adventurer’s paradise during the winters. It is during the winter time that you can explore the adventurous side of the island. Among the most popular things to do in Cyprus in the snow months is skiing and snowboarding.

It’s a Part of History

As early as 1934, the locals formed the Mountaineering Club in Cyprus. Skiing was one of the primary activities of the club. Skiing quickly became popular in the region. However, when the war broke out in 1939, the skiingactivities in Cyprus took the backseat. Since peacetime, skiing has again taken a front seat and is being developed as one of the most loved attractions of the island.

In 1947, a ski club was formally set up in Cyprus. They hold a popular annual skiing competition called the ‘Zeus Slalom Homologated Pits’.

The Snow and the Fun

Mount Olympus in Cyprus stands tall at an altitude of 1952 meters. It is topped with snow for three months of the year. There are a total of four ski lifts that take the visitors to the highest ski point in the Troodos Mountains from where they can ski and snowboard. Out of the four installed lifts, two are for those with beginner skiing skills. The third one is for the intermediate skiers, while the last one is for the professional skiers with advanced skills.

You can get all the gear you need for skiing and snowboarding on the spot. Several services offer rentals. So, guests need not worry about carrying the heavy equipment with them. However, make sure that you reach the rental shops early. The gear they stock ranges from the most modern to the traditional. And the early bird gets the best ones.

Hotel Options

There are a few hotels that fall within the 2-km radius of the ski resort. And they do get booked quickly. Apart from these, you can also find accommodation in the hotels that are located in the villages of Platres, Kakopetria, and others. You can reach the ski resort from these villages within half an hour.


Cyprus is one of the most loved holiday destinations in the world. No wonder it is always teeming with tourists. It has the sun, the sand, the treks, and even the snow. So, don’t think aboutwhat to do in Cyprus after you land on the island. Plan ahead. Make advanced bookings, so that you can experience Cyprus in all its glory with the best skiing equipment, snowboarding supplies, rooms, and more.