All You Need To Know Before Going Diving

All You Need To Know Before Doing Diving

You are in Cyprus, and you are surrounded by pristine waters. Diving is the most natural and instinctive reaction you can have here. In fact, diving is as obvious as breathing on this Mediterranean island. Add to it the shipwreck of an 11,000-tonne RS Zenobia, and you have an ultimate diving fantasy fulfilled here. 

RS Zenobia sank 40 meters to the ocean bed in 1980 and took 100 Lorries with it. The ferry is larger than a regular football stadium and it makes the Cyprus one of the most exciting scuba diving destinations in the world. Since it is just off the coast of the island, scuba diving in Cyprus is delightfully accessible for adventure seekers. But, before you go exploring the Mediterranean waters, here is everything you need to know to make your dive safer and more enjoyable.


Every Season is Diving Season

Most diving destinations are open for a specific window of time during the year when tourists can go underwater safely. However, activities in Cyprus never take a break, because it almost always enjoys a friendly weather. In the winter months, the temperatures stay at a comfortable average of 18°C or 65°F. The only thing that you should keep in mind is the sun shining over you. If you are going for a summer dive, brace yourselves for the high temperatures and put on some potent sunscreen.


Decide What You Want To See

Planning is a crucial element of every successful diving trip. Stress on the word “successful”. First of all, you have to find the diving spot that will meet your expectations. For instance, if you are looking to swim with the fishes, pick the eastern side of the island at the Chapel Dive Site. If you want to see different rock formations, then head to The Canyon. But, when it comes to the most exciting things to do in Cyprus, you cannot leave the island without checking out its shipwrecks. There is the warship, HMS Cricket; then there are the photographer’s favorites, Liberty Wreck and Diana Wreck; not to mention the world-famous wreck of RS Zenobia. The Copper Wreck is the perfect choice for the first-timers since it is close to the surface.


Take All Safety Precautions

Cyprus dives are safe and the diving safety record of the island is impressive. However, there are a few essential safety precautions that will help you make the diving experience anywhere on the island much safer. First of all, you have to ascertain that you are fit to dive and practice well. On the day of the dive, check all the safety equipment and the air supply. Do not hold your breath inside the water and do not attempt anything you do not feel comfortable with. Most importantly, never go underwater alone. Always have a buddy beside you.


Dive On

Consider every variable when you go diving. Have complete knowledge of the weather, the water currents, and a way to get to the diving spot on the day of the dive. If you do not want to go through the exercise of extensive research and are just interested in enjoying a good dive, you better contact a professional service to book your diving date. There are lots of such services on the island.