The Cyprus Mountains are Calling – Where are you?

A Mediterranean island of Cyprus is a thing of beauty. There is so much to see, do, and fall in love with that boring simply does not exist here.
The third largest island of the Mediterranean Sea has two mountain ranges surrounding it. The dominant one is the Troodos Mountains range, while the Akamas Range is the smaller one. These two mountain ranges offer the adventurer in you the perfect holiday of your dreams. 
Away from the rush of the tourists there is a Cyprus that is screaming to be explored. If you are the hiker who loves to listen to the mountains than to the noise of the touristy places, here is what the mountains are talking about. You can go on short day-hikes or indulge in the long hikes and sleep in the mountains. Get your hiking boots out. They are about to get some real action, Cyprus style!
Wondering what to see in Troodos Mountains range? Oh, so much!
Troodos mountain range offers more attractions to its visitors. Here is a mini-version of a Troodos mountains travel guide. There is an overwhelming number of trails to choose from. The 7 km long Artemis trail is one of the most popular. It is a pure joy to explore this nature trail during the spring season. It offers mesmerizing views of Cyprus with flowers blooming and a trip to Mount Olympus, Cyprus’s highest peak. There is also the 14 km long Atlanti trail for the pros, and if you are in the mood for something light, the 3 km Kalidonia trail is perfect for you. A little surprise will be waiting for you on this trail. Spoiler alert! It’s the Kalidonia Waterfalls. If you want to get a panoramic view of the indented shoreline of the island nation, then the Aphrodite Trail offers the most picturesque views. You will find the peaceful Adonis Waterfalls on this trail. It is laced in mythology and is a great spot for a swim. By the way, there are many more such trails, castles, and Trodoos villages to explore. So, a guided Troodos Mountain tour is a good idea, at least for the first timers.
Everything from the mountain castles to the waterfalls in Cyprus have a story to tell, if you are listening. You can lose yourself in the exquisite wilderness, get a bird’s eye view of the lively waters underneath, and of course find the adventure that you have been looking for in the Cyprus mountains.
Travel to Cyprus and you will come back with many new stories of your own!
That’s for sure.
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