Cyprus and its Hypnotizing Waterfalls

Cyprus has everything that you can ask of a perfect holiday. What do you need? 

  • A trail to explore?
  • A beach to relax? 
  • And oh, a waterfall to have some super holiday fun?

That’s right! There are waterfalls in Cyprus. Lots of them. It is not all about the sand, the hills, and the seas. The best part is that these waterfalls are at the heart of Cyprus. So, you have to travel through thick vegetation on the many nature trails to get to them. The waterfalls create cool wafts of wind that carry water droplets to splash you in the face, which make them worth the effort to reach them.


Kalidonia Waterfalls

If there is one waterfall in Cyprus that you absolutely must visit, then this is it! Kalidonia waterfalls is at a distance of over 1300 metres from the Pano Platres village, and you can hear its roaring waters from quite afar. It is enveloped by pine trees and as you work your way towards the famed falls, the scent of the pine trees will greet you. It is said that the waterfalls were given its name by the Scottish visitors who were overwhelmed by its beauty. It brought back sweet memories of home, Caledonia, for them. Caledonia is an ancient name for a province in modern Scotland. In the mountains of Troodos, this is a place that will bring back sweet memories for you too and will definitely create a few more, for sure. 


Myllomeri Waterfalls

These waterfalls, at the height of 20 metres, bear the crown of being the highest in the island nation. In comparison, Kalidonia waterfalls are a modest 13 metres high. This Troodos Mountains waterfall used to be an adventurer’s spoils, because only a few years ago Myllomeri waterfalls were hard to reach. But, that all has changed in the recent years with a road being built. In fact, you might have to walk on a trail for a kilometre or two to reach Kalidonia falls, but none to reach the Myllomeri Falls.


Chantara Waterfalls

Situated by a river bed and well-inside a thick forest, these falls are a perfect location for a chilled out picnic. It is surrounded by fairy-tale-ish trees of Alder and Planes that gives this waterfall its magical feel. You can reach the falls from the village of Fini, which is a mere 1.5 km away from the Chantara waterfalls. There are many other routes, but this is the shortest.


Adonis Waterfalls

Take a dip here and you may stay forever youthful and strong. At least, that is what the mythology has to say. The legend has it that Aphrodite and Adonis spent a lot of time at Adonis waterfalls, and everyone in Paphos is a fruit of that love. Whether mythology holds or not, a trip to the Adonis waterfalls is a must-do when you are in a Cyprus. It is a gem of a place. Peaceful, green, and incredibly beautiful. You will have to take a ride through narrow mountains to get here. But, it will all be worth it.



The waterfalls of Cyprus are just one of the reasons that you should be visiting the island nation. Its captivating beauty is made up of its mountains, valleys, flora, fauna, the villages, and more. Words can only do so much justice; you have to be here to experience it all.