For The Love Of All Things Natural, All Things Cyprus.

The island of Cyprus should be on the bucket list of any serious travel-adventurer. It is that kind of a magical place. It is filled with tranquillity of the mountains and the exhilaration of the waves. It is as much a place to relax as it is an adventurer’s paradise. You can stay at a resort and revel in the luxuries, or you can explore the wild side of Cyprus by walking the natural jagged terrain. There is hiking, mountain biking, skiing in the mountains, exploring the Trodoos villages, bathing in the beach sun, and so much more that you will never run out of things to do in Cyprus. If you are looking for unforgettable outdoor experiences, then Cyprus should be your next holiday destination.

The Trails Cyprus is one of the most beautiful places on Earth and the best way to take in that beauty is by climbing up one of the peaks on the island and looking down upon the Nature’s wonders it nurtures in its lap. There are many walking trails for the visitors in Troodos Mountains in Cyprus, These trails have been thoughtfully created to ensure that those who walk on them get to soak in the lush green surroundings and also come across the areas of cultural interest. Get a feel of the wild with the Artemis trail that takes you through the thick Pinus Nigra Forest. The Kalidonia trail covers the Kryos Potamos River and also takes you to the beautiful Kalidonia Waterfalls. Take in the cool breeze and just enjoy the visual spectacle of water doing its thing. If you are on the Katarraktis Millomeris, then thick vegetation will lead you to the Myllomeris Waterfalls. The spring and autumn seasons in Cyprus are absolutely gorgeous and the walking trails are the best way to soak it all in. You should go during these seasons to enjoy the island at its best. Skiing While the rest of Cyprus does have a hot summer and a mild winter, the Troodos weather in December goes really cold. It snows; that cold! When does it snow in Troodos mountain? During the winter months from December to February, a thick snow blanket covers the Troodos Mountains. And the view is stunning!

If you are driving up Mount Olympus in Cyprus from the coast, you will actually see the climate changing. It’s amazing. Pack your winter clothes if you plan to go up, because it’s going to be chilly. Also, it’s time for the snow games to begin. Ski resort on the Mount Olympus in Cyprus is the absolute favourite spot for skiing and snowboarding. Kids and adults, amateurs and professionals, all come here to enjoy the Troodos mountains skiing during the winter months in Cyprus. Once you are tired from all the sports activities, head to a warm tavern or a room with a toasty fireplace with a shot of Zivania. Do not forget to pair it with the local almonds, raisins, and walnuts.

This is what heaven is made of. Whether you are a winter sports enthusiast, an inquisitive traveller, or just someone who wants to experience the wonders of Nature, Cyprus is the one place where you can be all of that and more.